Vitality Mind_JSJ_IMG_0456The UF Health Vitality Mind program at The Village is dedicated to exploring ways of maximizing “brain health” in older adults. We offer a variety of different Brain Health programs to residents of The Village and community.  Our programs are geared for individuals who are doing well and would like a ‘boost’  to be on top of their game, and for individuals with concerns.  We use a broad toolkit of approaches, including mindfulness-meditation, computer training, exercise, video games, behavioral activation, neurostimulation, and other empirically supported approaches for maximizing quality of life and well-being in later years.  We are also a “vital” learning laboratory and hope others will join in our quest to uncover new possibilities for improving brain health.  

Below are some of the current programs that are available.  Others are on the way.

Re-Vitalize: In this program we hope to learn how mindfulness-meditation, increased engagement in novel activities through personal coaching, and various brain training tools might improve thinking and memory in older adults.

CEDAR: The purpose of this program is to investigate how elders perform complex cognitive everyday tasks such as medication and financial management. We are particularly interested in different strategies that are used and what that might tell us about optimal functioning.

VITAL: The purpose of this program is to learn how physical activities and a brain training program work together to improve thinking and memory in older adults.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the UF-Vitality Mind programs.